about our members


e are NEIGHBORS helping NEIGHBORS. The Stonington Borough Volunteer Fire Company, Inc is a 100% volunteer organization made up of men and women of various ages and backgrounds who come together to provide firefighting and non-firefighting services.  Our members include college students, technicians, accountants, plumbers, truck drivers, career firefighters, EMTs, business owners, and more.  We view our work as both challenging and rewarding and we have a variety of opportunities for you to serve this department and our community. Becoming a member is an excellent way to serve the community by providing an essential service, meet new people, learn new skills and experience the action and excitement associated with emergency responses. Many of our volunteers embrace the profession and go on to become career (paid) firefighters in the area.  We are always looking for new members, including those who are not interested in becoming firefighters (also see information about our Ladies and Fire Police below).  We recognize that family and work are priorities, so we are very flexible regarding the time commitments of our volunteers.

Command Staff

  • Jeff Hoadley
    Jeff Hoadley Chief
  • Harold Mitchell
    Harold Mitchell Deputy Chief
  • Theresa Hersh
    Theresa Hersh Assistant Chief
  • Patrick Cassidy
    Patrick Cassidy Captian
  • Michael Ruffin
    Michael Ruffin 1st Lieutenant
  • T. Alberti
    T. Alberti 2nd Lieutenant
  • Robert Hersh
    Robert Hersh Engineer
  • Chris Capazzi
    Chris Capazzi Chaplain
  • Richard Hanratty
    Richard Hanratty Department Treasurer
  • Peter Victoria
    Peter Victoria Department Secretary
  • Alexa Scott
    Alexa Scott Company Secretary
  • Matthew Buck
    Matthew Buck Company Treasurer
  • Ryan Barnett
    Ryan Barnett Company Steward
Stonington Borough Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.